Taking a little bit of time to educate yourself about candidates and issues is an important step in being an active citizen. Use these resources to help you get started.

Upcoming Races in Illinois

  • Governor’s Race
  • Vote in the Primary on March 20, 2018.
  • Vote in the General election on November 6, 2018.
  • Stay tuned for events and resources to learn about the candidates and any ballot measures.
  • Find your state and federal elected officials

    Voter Guides: What issues and candidates are on the ballot?

    Check out these non-partisan sites to find out more about what you will be voting on. There are also plenty of organizations that put out detailed voter guides aligned with their values. Find one that speaks to you and review their stances.

    Constitution Day

    The Center for Leadership and Civic Engagement is a proud sponsor of UIC’s Constitution Day, hosted by the Department of Political Science in partnership with other UIC civic organizations. Every September, the Constitution Day program includes a lecture from a distinguished civic scholar, a series of engagement opportunities offered by departments around campus, and the chance to network with students and professionals interested in government, law, and society.